QRide Lessons/Training

Bike Slalom

Q - Ride is a Motorcycle Licensing system and a road safety initiative of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, with the aim of reducing the road toll for motorcyclists. Q - Ride is a competency based system providing a high quality of training for every motorcyclist. All motorcycle training done at Aegis is designed to bring every student up to an above average level of safety and understanding of motorcycling, helping to ensure many years of safe and enjoyable riding. All our trainers are dedicated motorcyclists with a desire to see improvements in road safety as well as all aspects of riding. We understand that each individual is different and requires differing amounts and methods of training, because of this all inexperienced riders are trained on a one-to-one basis with personal attention from an experienced expert in the field.

We have several different courses that are tailored to suit the individual, so please contact us to find a course for you. We also provide Q - Ride Motorcycle Licence courses on South (Beenleigh) side of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and in Yeppoon for your convenience.

Key Benefits

One - on - One Training (For the novice lessons)
Competency Based Training
Dedicated and Experienced Trainers
Training is done at different times throughout the week and weekends in some cases
Self paced training
Flexible Learning
Relaxed atmosphere

The Process

There are three stages to obtaining your full unrestricted Motorcycle Licence in QLD. You can also obtain the following information from the TMR Website (Here), But I will try to make it brief and easy to understand below for you.

The Learners Licence

Before you can start to learn to ride a motorcycle/motorbike on a public road you will need to get a learners licence for it. the steps you need to take to get the learners is more complicated than the other classes of vehicles on our roads, this is due to the added vulnerability for motorcyclists compared to other road users. We all want to keep you safe out there and have fun doing it.

Firstly you need to have a car licence, provisional will do but not a learners, and hold that licence for one year. Then you need to book in (hopefully with us) for the two day "Pre-Learners" Q-Ride course and lastly you then need to go to the TMR website and complete their Motorcycle Knowledge test  and apply for the Learners Licence to be issued by the Department (TMR). Please remember these last two YOU DO NOT HAVE A LEARNERS JUST AFTER DOING THE COURSE until you have completed all of these steps.

After you have done these things you can really start to learn to ride, with supervision. You still have to ensure that you are carrying your learners licence with you when riding, that your supervisor is appropriately licensed to supervise you, you are displaying "L Plates" correctly, You are on a LAMS approved bike (See Here) and remember you are on a learners, so no matter what licence you hold on a bike you are (0) Zero for alcohol and drugs. See the TMR website for more details here.

The RE Licence

Once you have held the Learners Licence for the bike/Motorcycle for at least (3) three months you can come back and do the RE course. This is a one day course for you to show you have learnt to handle the motorcycle safely on the road and will be able to ride to a standard that will keep you alive to get to the next step. We are able to provide you support and one on one training to get some experience before doing this course if you need to. Our goal is to keep you safe, lets face it we want you to come back for the next course to go unrestricted.

R Class Licence

Once you have held your RE Class licence for (2) Two Years you can then come back to US and do another course to upgrade you to the full R Class Unrestricted Licence. Not much more I can add to this one, but remember TMR are still the issuer of the Licence so you still need to apply to them for the issue of the licence BEFORE you are licensed to ride yourself. If you come through us and we can have access to the internet you should be able to do that online with the TMR website.